Submersible Sewage Pumps (HES Series)

Submersible Sewage Pumps

• For handling liquids containing max. solid sizes of 50 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm sphere Impeller type - vortex channel type with two vane or single vane. semi-open single vane.
• Motor - "F" class insulated dry submersible motor suitable for 415 vac, 50 hz, three phase power supply with IP 68 protection
• Motor is having thermal overload protection
• Motor speed of 960, 1450 or 2800 rpm as per requirement suitable for pumping heads and discharge.
• Motor is available with or without cooling jacket.
• Submersible cable of suitable size is provided of 20 mtrs length.
• Dual mechanical seal with pump side seal of silicon carbide vs. silicon carbide.
• Horizontal discharge with suitable size flange or automatic guide rail coupling.
• Pumps can be supplied with skirt base or with automatic guide rail coupling system for pulling out the pump from the pit without removing any nut or bolts.
• Material of construction - all cast iron for non - jacketed type.
• For jacketed type - all cast iron with outer cooling jacket of stainless steel or mild steel.
• heads - up to 40 mtrs
• Capacities - up to 600 cubic meters/hr.
• Motor ratings - up to 35 kw

Automatic Guide Rail System :

A bracket is provided at the discharge side of the pump, At the center of the bracket a rubber ring is mounted .A pedestal is fixed to the bottom of the plate by foundation bolts,winch are grouted. The pump is lowered into the pit through a guide rail pipe.On reaching the pedestal the bracket engages into the pedestal and the rubber ring prevent leakage of water. The pump can be lifted back by pulling it out without removal of any nuts or bolts.

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