Submersible Effluent Pumps ( GNB Series )

Submersible Effluent Pumps

• For Handling water suspended solids upto 50 mm sphere.
• Non - Clog vortex Impeller
• Motor - 2800 rpm motor with F class insulation, suitable for three phase power supply of 415 VAC, 50 Hz. Available in 60 Hz frequency and specific voltage configurations.
• Motor is jacketed & filled with the coolant. Thus the pump is suitable for working in worst working conditions having capacity for longer period of dry running.
• Dual ball bearings.
• Dual meachnaical Seal Motor Side : Carbon Vs. Ceramic Pump Side : Silicon Carbide Vs. Silicon Carbide
• Cable - of suitable rating x 4 core double sheathed submersible cable of 10 mtrs.
length provided as standard length. Extra cable length can be provided with prior information.
• Material of Construction : All cast iron with Stainless Steel Jacket.
• Stainless Steel Hardware for easy maintenance.

Also Available in -
• CF8M,CF8,904,904L,316,316L,304,304L and other MOC.
• Input power of specific voltages and frequency configuration.
• Can be made suitable for sea water handling, effluents and other corrosive liquids.

Technical Specifications
Head Range 6 Mtrs to 28 Mtrs
Discharge Range 50 LPM to 1800 LPM
Motor Rating 3HP/2.2KW to 12HP/10KW in Three Phase 415V, 50Hz, AC Supply

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